Freestanding, outdoor totem in a stylish aluminium and steel housing. Excellent picture quality and superb touch response.

Ideal for Transport hubs, Retail and Public areas and any Information points.

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Promultis totem focus

Do you require eye catching multi-touch point of sale, wayfinding or digital signage for an outdoor environment? If so then the Promultis Outdoor Totem is perfect for you.

The Promultis Totem Focus is the natural evolution of our customer favourite, the Totem 2. Standing just over 6ft tall and now with an integrated 1080p webcam, the stunning 55” full HD vertical back-lit screen, housed in a stylish gloss black aluminium and steel housing, commands attention.

Bestowing tempered glass and utilising the very latest in Infra-Red technology, the Totem Focus is capable of allowing up to 10 touch points from any input, Including a finder, gloved finger, stylus or pen. The Totem Focus also has incredible connectivity by means of integrated Wi-Fi, HDMI, VGA, RS232 and USB ports.

Straight out of a Sci-Fi movie
People cannot simply walk past the Totem Focus; the high brightness screen and majestic frame calls people to interact with it! It really is a product that seems to have come straight out of a Sci-Fi movie, and when you combine the Totem Focus with bespoke, on brand software and imagery, you really do have a marketing power house on your hands!

Not only does the Totem Focus allow you to provide an engaging and entertaining focal point for the end user, connecting your brand and services to your audience in real time, the Totem Focus is a fantastic tool that helps to Define, and capture data. As an example of the data collection that can be achieved with a Totem Focus, if you are in the retail space in particular, with the Totem Focus and the correct software, you can take full advantage of our sophisticated demographic software! Is the customer male or female? What’s an estimate of their age? Based on this data our software and hardware can show and recommended products based on their profile.

Demographic Recognition
Imagine a male customer walks into a shoe shop, and walks by an interactive totem showing generic shoe adverts. As the customer approaches the kiosk, a camera inside it recognizes a man, in his 30’s approaching, and the adverts automatically change to the male range of trainers, with a trainer model known to sell well to this age range being highlighted. This customer then wants to interact with the screen and can select a range of trainers and colours for comparison, and scroll around pictures a full 360 degrees to get a proper look at them. Rather than speak to a shop assistant, the customer puts the item he likes into a virtual basket, pays, and is directed to the shop counter to receive his goods.

At the end of the day, you like to know what customer profiles came into your store. How about knowing the number of male, female, age ranges and what they purchased? We have software and hardware that allows all of this to be reported, and the Totem Focus is the perfect product for this kind of data collection.

The Promultis Totem Focus is ideally, but not exclusively, suited for high-traffic locations such as exhibitions and events, retail environments, transportation hubs and museum & galleries to name just a few. The Totem Focus allows your business to engage, inform and entertain customers in a host of ways!

Promultis Interactive Digital Signage Solutions
  • Connecting brands and services to your audience in real time
  • Define, capture and send data for analytics, marketing or data warehousing
  • Include payment options such as credit card terminals
  • Incorporate QR codes to communicate with consumers digital devices
  • Data transfer to and from devices via wireless technology
  • Facial recognition allows content tailored to the viewer demographic
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The Totem Focus can be wrapped with your corporate identity and marketing messages

Totem Focus wrap for NatWest cricket promotion

Totem Focus with NatWest wrap

Totem Focus wrap for Temenos on exhibition stand

Temenos Totem wrap

Totem Focus wrap for Livewire in sport center reception

Totem Focus with Livewire wrap
The NEW Promultis Totem Focus is ideally suited for high-traffic locations such as
  • Retail environments and shopping malls
  • Corporate Spaces
  • Local government
  • Hospitality
  • Transportation hubs
  • Exhibitions and Events
  • Entertainment
  • Museum & Galleries
Engage, inform and entertain customers with
  • Promotions and incentive campaigns
  • Current events and local information
  • Way-finding and directional signage
  • Live social feeds
  • Interactive multimedia
  • Feedback



Material Metal & Aluminium Visable area 55” (1200mm x 680mm )
Glass Tempered Glass Resolution 1920 x 1080 (HD)
Colour Black Contrast Ratio 4000:1
Dimensions (mm) 1850 x 820 x 87.5 Brightness (cd/m2) 350
Foot dims (mm) 50 x 820 x 450 Response Time 8ms
Weight 68 kg Viewing angle horizontal/vertical 178°


Colours 16.7M
Infra red 10 touch points Lifespan 50000H



Menu Language English Processor Intel I5
Chipset MSD6A828, quad core Graphics Integrated
RAM 2GB Sound Card Integrated High Definition
ROM 16GB Networking Integrated 10/100/1000M
Android Version Android 5.0.1 Memory 8GB


Hard Drive 128G SSD


PC IN 3 WIFI 802.11b/g/n /802.11a/b/
g/n (optional)
VGA OUT 1 USB(A) 6(4for USB2.0 2 for USB3.0)
HDMI Input 2 Microphone In 1
DP Input 1 Earphone Out 1
USB 3 Lan Port(RJ45) 1
WAN IN 1 HDMI Input 1
LAN OUT 1 Mini DP 1
Headphone 1 WiFI Antenna 2
RS232 1




Camera Resolution 1080p
Input Voltage AC100V~240V 50/60Hz


Standby Power ≤1W 1 year on-site warranty as standard
Power Rating ≤230W Extended warranties and SLA’s available at an
additional cost
Working Temp 0°~50°
Storage Temp -20°~60°


Promultis Indoor and Outdoor Totem Kiosk Range

Promultis Totem 2

Promultis Totem 2

Eye Catching Multitouch Retail Point of Sale
Create real impact at with the stylish tablet-like Promultis Totem. Ideal for exhibitions, train stations & airports and hotels.

Promultis Gesture Totem 2

Promultis Gesture Totem 2

The Promultis Totem Gesture offers motion activated and multitouch solutions connecting virtual and physical environments, reacting to the user’s movements and dynamically modifying the screen content.

Outdoor Totem 2

Promultis Outdoor Totem 2

Weather-proof IP rated steel enclosure, High brightness, 2500 nits LED display, 10 touch, Projective Capacitive with built-in Air Conditioning

Outdoor Totem 3

Promultis Outdoor Totem 3

High definition picture quality, intelligent temperature control system and high-fidelity quality sound