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Promultis hand sanitiser kiosk

Promultis Hand Sanitiser Kiosk

Wall mounted or Freestanding, Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Kiosk featuring 21.5″ LED screen with Android OS and 10 Touch option.

Promultis allure kiosk

Promultis Allure Kiosk

Create an inviting and imersive information point with this slim, sleek Kiosk. Ideal for digital signage and wayfinding solutions.

Promultis standard kiosk

Promultis Kiosk

The Promultis standard kiosk has been designed for indoor use and is an ideal way to engage your audience with content that can inform, attract, entertain and educate.

Promultis Totem Focus

Promultis Totem Focus

Freestanding totem with built-in webcam. Excellent picture quality and superb touch response. Ideal for Retail, Corporate, Transport Hubs and Exhibitions with digital signage solutions.

Promultis Totem 3

Promultis Totem 3

Eye Catching Multitouch Retail Point of Sale
Create real impact at with the stylish tablet-like Promultis Totem. Ideal for exhibitions, train stations & airports and hotels.

Promultis outdoor totem 3

Promultis Outdoor Totem

Weather-proof IP rated steel enclosure, High brightness, 2500 nits LED display, 10 touch, Projective Capacitive with built-in Air Conditioning

Promultis Contour Kiosk Pro

Promultis Contour

A dynamic interactive touch kiosk solution
Engage your audience with this dynamic, curved, Contour Kiosk. Ideal for digital signage and wayfinding solutions..

immerse bespoke software

Promultis Bespoke Software

Enhance your brand communication via kiosks and totems and engage with customers through a fully branded, content rich, interactive application with multi-user, collaborative interface.

Snowflake software

Snowflake Ultimate Suite

The Ultimate Suite with over 42 apps including presentation, creativity and productivity tools, as well as games and puzzles.